Your Questions . . . Answered!

DugDogFromUpThank you! We asked for questions . . . and you responded.

Here are the answers to the questions you’re asking the most right now:

FAQ #1 – I’ve been listening to you, and I’m interested in the 4-week course you’re offering now — but how do I know if it’s right for me?

Answer: If you’ve been listening to us for a while and have been looking for the right opportunity to “try us out,” this is it. Our podcasts and teleclasses are great (so you tell us :), but if you’d like a way to get some interaction with us — a way to stick your toe in the water without actually hiring us for private coaching — you’ll get that in the course. For a really, REALLY reasonable investment.

We’ll be interacting with you in the course sessions, to the degree the group wants it (every group is different), and also in the private Facebook forum.

AND, don’t forget the free ticket to our December retreat, where you’ll get to work with us live for 3 days in San Diego.  

FAQ #2 – What if I want to take the course, but can’t make the live calls?

Answer: No problem! All of the calls will be recorded and transcribed, so you’ll still be able to listen to the calls afterwards. And you can read every word that was said. So you can refer back to the course material any time you want to, even if you can’t make the live calls.

And if you have a question but won’t be able to make it to the live Q&A call on November 4, you can submit your question by email or through the private Facebook forum in advance. That way, we’ll be sure to answer it so you can still get feedback and coaching from us, even if you’re not on the live call!

You don’t have to attend a single live call if you don’t want to. (But do participate in the private Facebook forum — where else can you network with a non-judgmental group of like-minded ADHD business owners, ask questions, and support each other? You really should take advantage of this bonus — it’s worth the price of the whole course by itself!)

Register for “Take Control of the Squirrel” here.


FAQ #3 – What if I’m overwhelmed and don’t feel I can handle any more information?

Answer: We get it. We have ADHD and dyslexia, too, remember? So our objective is to help you cut through the overwhelm, and we know our methods can help. They’re a little bit crazy sometimes. A little bit woo woo sometimes. And, we admit, a little bit business-as-usual sometimes — and ALWAYS geared towards helping you, the business owner with ADHD.

And we also are business people, and we know that working on your business is essential if you want a strong business, and the best way to do this — especially when you have ADHD — is with the guidance and accountability of a coach or a group. And we’ll guarantee you this: you won’t find a more supportive way to get guidance and accountability and structure if you have ADHD and run a business than in this group, right now. It just doesn’t exist — we feel that strongly about it.


FAQ #4 – Do you offer a guarantee on this training call series?

Answer: Absolutely! We can’t promise that you’ll set up a certain number of business systems or obtain perfect work/life balance or that your business will grow by a certain amount . . . that would be impossible. Of course, that depends on you and what you do with the information we give you.

However, if you enroll in the program, participate in all the sessions, follow the steps, and do the work, we guarantee that you will love this training. And to back that up, if you are not completely satisfied after the first class, let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked!


FAQ #5 – I am not on Facebook. Can I still take the class?

Answer: Well, the private Facebook forum is on Facebook, and you need to “friend” us to be invited and participate in the private interaction of the forum group. It’s not very difficult to set up a very basic Facebook account just for this purpose — it only takes a few minutes.

However, if you are not on Facebook and do not want to be in order to use the forum, you can still take part in the teleseries program by attending the live calls or listening to the recordings, following our recommendations, and emailing us any questions you have. You can also attend the live Q&A call on November 4 and interact with us then.

And of course, you can register to take advantage of your f.ree ticket to our live retreat in December, and we’ll get to interact with you in person then! (If you wish to accept your bonus ticket, it’s important to register ASAP let us know you want to reserve your seat.)


FAQ #6 – Can I join if I don’t have ADHD but think the topics you are covering will be useful to me and my business?

Answer: Of course! Many people have been following our podcasts who feel they resonate with our message and manner of delivering helpful information, who do not have ADHD or don’t know if they do — or don’t care!

Marcia developed and used her methods for years without having a clue that she had ADHD — she just knew what worked for her and what didn’t.

For a good idea of what we’ll be covering, see here.

You may also want to listen to the “Look! Squirrel!” recording, if you haven’t already. Get that here.


FAQ #7 – What if I want to do the 4-week course, but I don’t want to come to your live event?

Answer: You don’t have to! It’s a bonus, and it’s not mandatory. You will still get great value out of the training course series if you don’t come to our live retreat.


FAQ #8 – Can I buy the training series and only come to the live event?

Answer: If you want to! We know the in-person retreat will be a big draw to many people. If you want to register for the training course just to come to the live retreat, it’s okay with us. (But we think you’ll want to listen to the training calls at some point, because the benefit to your business will be amazing.)


FAQ #9 – How do I know this will work for me?

Answer: Whether you’re an experienced business owner or a newbie, you’ll discover strategies and tips designed specifically for you. And more importantly, you’ll be enrolled in a program that is regular and consistent and supportive. If you come to the live classes, you’ll get some needed structure and accountability — so important for momentum in your business. That’s why we do recommend you make it to as many of the live classes as you can.

There’s no doubt about it, though — running a business takes work. A program like this makes that work a little bit easier, so you have a greater chance of success within a program like this than outside of it.

Will it work for you? That depends on you. The investment you make is really an investment in yourself, and in your business. When you think of it that way, you know that any investment you make in yourself is a good one.


We can’t wait to meet you in the private Facebook forum, the “Squirrel Control” Forum, and to work with you in person at the live retreat in December.


Here’s the link to register. Go ahead, you can sign up right now.


We’re so excited to be doing this with you,

Jacqui and Marcia


P.S. Did we tell you you can bring a friend or colleague to the live retreat for an additional $197? Well, you can! Get the details when you register.

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