We’ve Got Interviews with ADHD Experts from the CHADD Conference

Wow, what an incredible experience we had at the 23rd Annual International Conference on ADHD last weekend, sponsored by CHADD and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. We learned a lot and met a whole bunch of wonderful new people, and some of them were nice enough to talk to us on camera — so we could give you a taste of what the conference was like!

So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax, and meet our new friends. You’ll learn critical business information from each of our six interviewees, and don’t worry — yes, there are six videos, but each is around or under five minutes.

Terry Matlen, MSW, ACSW www.ADDconsults.com

In this interview, Terry Matlen talks with Marcia about the challenge women with ADD often have juggling all the things on their plates, especially if they’re also running a business, and the self esteem issues that can come along with these struggles. Taking Terry’s advice and considering all the things you do well will go a long way in bolstering your self esteem and giving you the strength you need to move forward.

Terry is author of the book “Survival Tips for Women with ADHD” and the founder and director of ADDConsults.com and MomsWithADD.com

A nationally recognized speaker on the topic, Terry has a passion for raising awareness of the special challenges for women with ADHD and the unique issues they face as parents when both they and their children have ADHD. Her professional interests also include advocating for children with special needs.

Patrick McKenna www.totallyADD.com

Actor Patrick McKenna stars in the famous “ADHD and Loving It” documentary. As well as being incredibly funny, he is also very smart! In this interview with Jacqui, he explains that doing what you are naturally good at for a living helps your self esteem and allows you to be successful in your chosen field.

Another secret to success is to embrace and love exactly who you are, including your ADD. Don’t worry about wasted time . . . today is the perfect day to step forward and start implementing these suggestions.

Nancy A. Ratey, EdM, MCC www.nancyratey.com

Nancy Ratey, who is recognized as being instrumental in founding the field of ADHD coaching, tells us why business owners with ADHD need coaching, and how it can help. Marcia also talks her into giving us some of her best tips for working with ADHD, so you’ll want to pay close attention.

Nancy is a strategic life coach specializing in coaching professionals with ADHD. She has a Master’s degree from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, and is a Master Certified Coach and a Senior Certified ADHD Coach. She has written extensively on the topic of coaching, including co-authoring three books. Check out her newest book, “The Disorganized Mind.”

Stephanie Sarkis, PhD www.stephaniesarkis.com

Stephanie Sarkis is author of four awesome ADHD books, including “ADD and Your Money.” In this interview with Jacqui, Dr. Sarkis gives advice about money for the entrepreneur with ADD.

Her tips include delegating to financial professionals, understanding your relationship with money (you learned it as a child), and taking the emotional sting out of the subject of money (it isn’t good or bad, it’s just an exchange tool).

Bottom line: ADHD can effect your financial life, but Dr. Sarkis explains how to get a handle on it today, no matter how good or bad your current money situation may be.

Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA www.adultADHDbook.com

Dr. Tuckman has written numerous ADD books, including Jacqui’s favorite, “Integrative Treatment for Adult ADHD.” In this interview he explains how to improve your relationships as an entrepreneur with ADD.

How you feel about yourself affects your business relationships, whether that is clients, colleagues, or staff. When you feel good about yourself, people pick up on that and treat you accordingly. Dr. Tuckman recommends taking a serious look at how your ADD affects your life, and to then treat it. When you do this not only will feel more in control internally, you will also see the result externally as well.

Tara McGillicuddy www.ADDclasses.com

Tara McGillicuddy, a Senior Certified ADHD Coach and a business owner for over 12 years, started her business as support for herself with her own ADHD, and then she began connecting with others who had the same challenges. In this interview with Marcia, she talks about why it’s important to have support as a business owner with ADD.

Tara uses to her experience and knowledge of ADD to help others with ADD. She has been coaching people with ADD since 2001. Tara’s style of ADD coaching uses her caring empathetic approach to provide clients with a safe non-judgmental environment while at the same time helping to provide structure and support.

Besides being busy talking to everyone we could corner, Jacqui and I attended lectures and workshops, and will be sharing more with you over the next coming weeks. Stay tuned!


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