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Top 5 LetterpressThe start of every year is a great time to make business goals. 12 months ago, in January 2014, Marcia and I decided we wanted write more articles for Working with ADHD on topics that would be most helpful to you. We mapped out an editorial calendar and each month we both wrote an article.

One year later, we thought it would be fun to look back and see which articles were the most popular. Here is a roundup of the Top 5!


#1. Why Does It Take Me So Long to Finish a Task?

Do you feel some activities in your business life take you much longer than they take other people?

You aren’t alone. Many ADDers feel like this. Its frustrating, and makes you feel resentful and bad about yourself.

The most common things that take a long time are tasks like writing a report for a client, writing longer, more detailed emails, spreadsheets, etc.—they usually involve attention to detail. Depending on your business, it may be slightly different for you.

This article explains why this is and what you can do to help yourself. Read it here.

#2. How Simple Systems Can Supercharge Your Business when You Have ADHD

As a business owner with ADHD, you probably don’t like systems. You think systems may stifle your creativity. Or you think they’re too difficult to set up. Or you’ll never follow them. But if you want your business to be successful, Marcia urges you to give systems a second look!

This article explains why “with structure comes freedom.” Read it here.

#3. ADHD and Brain Fog

This is a popular topic, so both Marcia and I wrote an article on what you can do to get your brain back into working gear when you have brain fog.

A.) Marcia’s ADHD business coach brain fog tips:

How to Snap Out of ADHD Brain Fog So You Can Be Productive

B.) Jacqui’s ADHD Coach brain fog tips:

ADHD and Brain Fog


#4. How to Finish What You Start when You Have ADHD

Starting a task or project and not seeing it all the way to the end is a classic ADHD trait. Most new projects seem exciting at the start, but then there is a danger period when the novelty has worn off and before the feeling of accomplishment kicks in. Here are 6 tips to finish what you start. Read it here.

#5. How to Always Appear Smart when You Run a Business and Have ADHD

Do you ever wonder how people in the public eye—politicians, executives, media personalities—manage to sound so intelligent in interviews, and even when caught seemingly off-guard?

Many of them are no smarter than you, and some of them may even have ADHD. So how come they can pull off sounding smart when it counts, and you can’t?

Learn how here!!

So there are Working with ADHD’s most popular articles of 2014! If you have a topic that you would like us to write about in 2015, please leave a note in the comments section below!

Jacqui Sinfield is an ADHD Coach and author. You can find more from her at

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