Interview with Tara McGillicuddy: Running a Successful Business as and ADDer: The Ups and Downs of An Entrepreneur with ADHD

Yesterday Marcia and I interviewed Tara McGillicuddy. Tara is a successful business owner and she has ADHD. What is really cool is that Tara’s business in helping people with ADHD lead happy and productive lives. Tara was one of the first people to use the internet as a way to connect people with ADHD.

Marcia and I picked Tara’s brain on how she overcomes her ADHD challenges to run this successful business.

If you missed the call or want to listen to it again, click on the link below to download the MP3:

Working with ADHD: “Running a Successful Business as an ADDer”


or click the link below to listen online:

We asked Tara how she copes with the key business issues we know you are facing:
1.) Procrastination
2.) How to avoid distraction from necessary tasks

3.) How to focus on what needs to be done
4.) How to finish projects

We also had some great questions from our listeners, such has how to handle retirement when you have ADHD and the best way to deal with a boss who has ADHD, when you don’t.

Plus Marcia and I announced 2 ways you can work with us LIVE in person :)  This is a rare treat, as we both live in different countries and don’t get together face-to-face very often.

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Wishing you are great week!!!

Jacqui and Marcia

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