Richard Branson’s Secret to Success

Richard Branson









A few years ago I did this crazy obstacle race. It was over 12k through mud and icy water, under barbed wire, and over fire. It’s called a Spartan Race. It was the hardest physical thing I have ever done, however, after I had finished, I felt like I could do anything. At the start of 2015, the Spartan peeps started a podcast called Spartan Up. They interview successful people about their secrets to success. I was very excited when they interviewed ADHD Entrepreneur Richard Branson.

In this interview, Sir Richard Branson talks about many things including how Virgin Airlines started, how he makes his daily exercise fun, and why he doesn’t eat sugar.

However, the thing that struck me the most about this interview was how forgiving of himself and others he is. He doesn’t judge. He is very supportive and encouraging.  He pushes himself out of his comfort zone to try new things and start businesses. However, if something doesn’t go as he planned he doesn’t beat himself up.

When he was traveling around the world in his hot air balloon he had to be rescued 5 times from the water by a helicopter. While relaying this story, he was laughing. He said he got huge satisfaction from the adventure and wasn’t disappointed that he didn’t get into the Guinness World Records. Instead he talked about [Read more...]