How to Curb Your Impulsivity When You Have ADHD

ThePauseIf you have ADHD and run a business, you know your impulsivity can sometimes get you in trouble. You want to buy that new piece of equipment right now, without checking your budget. You want to implement that new business direction right now, without having thought it all the way through. You want to say what you want to say now, before you forget it, even though it means interrupting your client.

Not good. Not if you want your business to be successful.

So why are you so impulsive? It all has to do with creating a pause.

Dr. Ari Tuckman explains the relationship between impulsivity and the executive functions. “Executive functions” is an umbrella term for a set of mental processes that help connect past experience with present action. They include working memory, sense of time, remembering to remember, emotional self-control, self-activation, hindsight and forethought, and problem solving.

Dr. Tuckman says the executive functions “live in that little space between stimulus and response.” People without ADHD are able to hold back an automatic response to the world around them (like the urge to react or do something right now). This critical ability to stop creates a pause that allows them to think through the various response options and then choose the best one — and it usually happens in a split second. This gives the executive functions time to do their thing.

People with ADHD have difficulty stopping long enough to create that pause, which means you can’t [Read more...]

Communication Ettiquette with Customers, Choosing Priorities from Several Projects, and Getting More Energy and Drive in Your Business

We are back! YAY! Our first Entrepreneurs with ADHD call after taking August off was yesterday, and it was good to be back!

If you missed it . . . not to worry, you can listen to the recording!

We had some great questions:

  • Brenda, a photographer, wanted to learn some communication etiquette when dealing with customers for her new business, as she was having problems with word retrieval and blurting
    things out due to impulsivity. [Read more...]