How to Improve Communication to Build Strong Relationships

Thank you to everyone who joined us live yesterday for our “Improving Communication” program. We were very pleased there were no technical hitches this week!

If you missed this special program, or want to listen to it again, click on the link below to download the MP3:

or click on the player below to listen online:

The call was all about how to improve communication when you have ADHD and your own business.

We gave you tips on:

• How to ‘look’ like you’re listening to the people your life, even if you can’t maintain total focus

• How to stop talking and listen, even though you think you know what the person is going to say

• What to do if you interrupt people because you get ideas, and think if you don’t say it now you will forget  [Read more...]

Communication Ettiquette with Customers, Choosing Priorities from Several Projects, and Getting More Energy and Drive in Your Business

We are back! YAY! Our first Entrepreneurs with ADHD call after taking August off was yesterday, and it was good to be back!

If you missed it . . . not to worry, you can listen to the recording!

We had some great questions:

  • Brenda, a photographer, wanted to learn some communication etiquette when dealing with customers for her new business, as she was having problems with word retrieval and blurting
    things out due to impulsivity. [Read more...]