Project Management Tool for Entrepreneurs with ADHD

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Being organized and in control of your projects helps you be productive and keep customers and clients happy. Want to know what the best project management tool is when you have ADHD?

You might be surprised when you hear what it is. In fact some people don’t believe it will help them because their business seems too complex for such a simple solution. However, those same people are raving about it after they have tried it!

Click here to see the what it is in the video I made for you.

Jacqui Sinfield is an ADHD Coach and author. You can find more from her at

Come work with us in person in December!

On December 5 – 7, 2013, we will present our 3-day, in-person retreat, “Focus, Control, & Balance: How to Take Charge, Get Out of Overwhelm, and Stay on Track” for business owners with ADHD. The retreat is designed to help business owners and independent reps with ADHD stop the cycle of distraction, procrastination, and overwhelm so you can be productive and successful in your work.

It’s time for you to stop struggling on your own, to set aside a few days to finally get a good grasp on strategies that can really help, to connect with other ADHD business owners just like you who are all facing the same issues you’re facing. Now is the time — come work with us in person in December!


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Business isn’t supposed to be this hard! We know the things you struggle with — like focus, procrastination, prioritizing your workload, and being productive. One of the most powerful things we do is get ADD business owners together, roll up our sleeves, and spend 3 days working on our businesses, our mindsets, and our understanding of ourselves and our ADHD — and gaining momentum in our businesses.

Join us December 5 – 7, 2013, in San Diego, California, for our in-person retreat for business owners with ADHD!

IMG_6366My ADHD was driving me crazy and I had no functional way of dealing with it, even though I was completely aware of different methods. You have a special way of doing things that really appeals to me – I think the value is obvious. You’ve helped me with narrowing my business focus, and with structures. It’s a connected personalized response from people who are qualified, and it’s something that I needed.”

My life changed after Detroit. That retreat was huge for me – I hadn’t had that, ever. I mean, you take a risk and it pays you back in spades. I didn’t know it would [Read more...]

Diary of our “Focus, Control, & Balance” Live Retreat

IMG_0432cropby Jacqueline Sinfield

Tuesday, April 30th
12 noon
Flew from Montreal to Detroit. It was a painless flight, no delays or hold ups . . . even my suitcase got there safely.

6 pm
Marcia met me at the Detroit airport and we ran errands. We bought gifts for our retreat participants as well as water and tons of apples for refreshments. We both were excited, because our first ever live event was just days away after 6 months of planning!!

8 pm
Arrived at Marcia’s home and I saw Todd (Marcia’s husband) for the first time after his quadruple bypass heart surgery. Despite it only being 6 days after the operation he was doing really well. I also got to see [Read more...]