5 Ways You Confuse Your Clients when You Have ADHD

Confused woman trying to remember some informationDo your clients truly value your work, allowing you to charge what you’re worth, and trusting you to do more for them?

You may think you’re describing your work’s true value in conversations with clients and prospective clients, when you’re really not. Your clients may not be getting it.

If you’re not able to charge what you’d like to, it may be because you’re not communicating well enough — and if that’s the case, you can’t blame them for not knowing.

It’s not your clients, it’s you

This takes digging and thinking and putting some meat on the bones of how you talk to clients. It may be more you, than them.

Take a look at these five ways you may be talking about your work that confuse clients and stop them from seeing how valuable you are:

1.) You may be doing work you don’t believe in

If you’re not well placed in your work or if you’ve chosen the wrong niche — if you really want to be a dog trainer instead of the copywriter you are (but you became a copywriter because it seemed more sensible, or your parents wanted you to be a copywriter) — it’s going to show in your work. It’s going to show in the way to talk about how you serve your clients. And it’s not going to sound as good to prospective clients as it does when they’re talking to someone who really really believes in the importance of their work as a copywriter.

You’ve got to be passionate, and sound passionate, about what you do in order to interest people in working with you — you’ve got to be so passionate that they can’t help but see the value in it. If you can’t be passionate about your work, find a way to be passionate about the way you deliver it.

Or do something else.

2.) You may be offering what you think your clients need, instead of what they actually want

People value what they want, not what you think they need — it’s that simple. The first rule of marketing success is [Read more...]

The Top 5

Top 5 LetterpressThe start of every year is a great time to make business goals. 12 months ago, in January 2014, Marcia and I decided we wanted write more articles for Working with ADHD on topics that would be most helpful to you. We mapped out an editorial calendar and each month we both wrote an article.

One year later, we thought it would be fun to look back and see which articles were the most popular. Here is a roundup of the Top 5!


#1. Why Does It Take Me So Long to Finish a Task?

Do you feel some activities in your business life take you much longer than they take other people?

You aren’t alone. Many ADDers feel like this. Its frustrating, and makes you feel resentful and bad about yourself.

The most common things that take a long time are tasks like writing a report for a client, writing longer, more detailed emails, spreadsheets, etc.—they usually involve attention to detail. Depending on your business, it may be slightly different for you.

This article explains why this is and what you can do to help yourself. Read it here.

#2. How Simple Systems Can Supercharge Your Business when You Have ADHD

As a business owner with ADHD, you probably don’t like systems. You think systems may stifle your creativity. Or you think they’re too difficult to set up. Or you’ll never follow them. But if [Read more...]

ADHD and Essentialism

JustSayNo1Have you heard of the term “Essentialism”? I hadn’t either until last week when I read a great book by Greg McKeown that explained all about it. It’s a brilliant strategy that every ADD entrepreneur can benefit from.

The Essentialism concept

The basic concept is to focus on a few things and do them very well.

One of the examples in the book is about Sam, an executive who said “yes” to lots of requests. He dashed from one meeting to the next trying to please people. He was stressed, people were frustrated with him because the quality of his work had gone down, and he wasn’t getting any job satisfaction.

Then he made a change. He started to say “no” to requests and stopped volunteering to do things. Much to his surprise, people weren’t mad, in fact they respected him more. With his new-found time, Sam was able to focus on the things that did matter. He was able to do his work really well, which pleased his clients. Better still, he really enjoyed the process.

What happens when you implement Essentialism

When you start implementing Essentialism into your life, your day stops [Read more...]

Our Focus, Control, and Balance Retreat was Powerful, Validating, and Motivating

FCB_AliciaMarkJacquiCropWhew! Jacqui and I are back from our Focus, Control, and Balance Retreat in San Diego, and it was an intense three days.

We love totally immersing ourselves in the issues faced by business people with ADHD, and for the second time (we held our first retreat in May 2013), we know with absolute certainty that these retreats attract the most sincere, interesting, intelligent, creative, open, passionate, and fun people we’ve met anywhere.

There were several themes that rang true and strong this first week of December — themes that kept cropping up for us and holding special meaning. For some, they were breakthroughs. For some, ahas. And for others, reminders of things learned before but resisted, or put aside.

Theme 1: ValidationFCB_groupfrmsideCrop

Some of us felt powerful validation. Either because someone else noticed and gave us credit for something we had not given ourselves credit for, or because we were finally in a room where we could release the tension in our shoulders and talk about things that others can’t know and don’t understand.

Theme 2: Turning points

Some of us are at turning points — and we got to a place where we could peek around the corner. The support of the group gave us the strength, and the permission, to open our eyes.

Theme 3: Talking points

Some of us found words, or the sparks of words, to ground us; to give us something to hold onto when the [Read more...]

Come work with us in person in December!

On December 5 – 7, 2013, we will present our 3-day, in-person retreat, “Focus, Control, & Balance: How to Take Charge, Get Out of Overwhelm, and Stay on Track” for business owners with ADHD. The retreat is designed to help business owners and independent reps with ADHD stop the cycle of distraction, procrastination, and overwhelm so you can be productive and successful in your work.

It’s time for you to stop struggling on your own, to set aside a few days to finally get a good grasp on strategies that can really help, to connect with other ADHD business owners just like you who are all facing the same issues you’re facing. Now is the time — come work with us in person in December!


San Diego Harbor










Business isn’t supposed to be this hard! We know the things you struggle with — like focus, procrastination, prioritizing your workload, and being productive. One of the most powerful things we do is get ADD business owners together, roll up our sleeves, and spend 3 days working on our businesses, our mindsets, and our understanding of ourselves and our ADHD — and gaining momentum in our businesses.

Join us December 5 – 7, 2013, in San Diego, California, for our in-person retreat for business owners with ADHD!

IMG_6366My ADHD was driving me crazy and I had no functional way of dealing with it, even though I was completely aware of different methods. You have a special way of doing things that really appeals to me – I think the value is obvious. You’ve helped me with narrowing my business focus, and with structures. It’s a connected personalized response from people who are qualified, and it’s something that I needed.”

My life changed after Detroit. That retreat was huge for me – I hadn’t had that, ever. I mean, you take a risk and it pays you back in spades. I didn’t know it would [Read more...]

How to Get Rid of Your Head Trash

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 3.34.40 PMDo you know what “Head Trash” is? You got it! It’s that inner voice of yours that is continually whispering negative messages into your ear. Your inner voice talks to you in a way you would never talk to another human being. It is mean and rude and leaves you feeling bad about yourself. If that wasn’t bad enough, your Head Trash also affects your business. Your business can only be as successful as you will allow it. Your critical Head Trash limits your success and only allows you to play small.

Adults with ADHD are usually extra critical of themselves and their achievements. This stems from years of not measuring up to what society deems as “normal”, and because ADDers are very creative and have active minds. Being creative and having an active mind can be very good in many situations, but when it comes to Head Trash, that’s a lethal combination.

Here’s a 5-step process to get rid of your Head Trash!

1) Notice what your head trash is

What are the common messages? You will probably notice 3-5 themes. Such as “I am lazy,” “I never finish what I start,” or “I am bad with money.”

2) Expose it

Head Trash hates the truth! Write the themes out and then assess if there is any truth to them. Are you really lazy or is that something that you were told as a child and you have continued saying it to yourself?

3) Speak to a loving friend

Next, speak to a kind supportive friend or family member and share your Head Trash with them. Usually the person is horrified that you would think of yourself like this. This is very validating.

4) Reprogram

Think of a short phrase that you can repeat to yourself whenever your Head Trash pops up. Head Trash doesn’t like rational thinking and will soon stop bothering you if you become rational!

5) Enjoy the benefits!

Once your Head Trash is exposed and met head-on, you will start to feel more positive about yourself. Other positive things people report are feeling happier, being more physically energetic, and having an increase in business!

Jacqui Sinfield is an ADHD Coach and author. You can find more from her at http://untappedbrilliance.com/blog/

Your Questions . . . Answered!

DugDogFromUpThank you! We asked for questions . . . and you responded.

Here are the answers to the questions you’re asking the most right now:

FAQ #1 – I’ve been listening to you, and I’m interested in the 4-week course you’re offering now — but how do I know if it’s right for me?

Answer: If you’ve been listening to us for a while and have been looking for the right opportunity to “try us out,” this is it. Our podcasts and teleclasses are great (so you tell us :), but if you’d like a way to get some interaction with us — a way to stick your toe in the water without actually hiring us for private coaching — you’ll get that in the course. For a really, REALLY reasonable investment.

We’ll be interacting with you in the course sessions, to the degree the group wants it (every group is different), and also in the private Facebook forum.

AND, don’t forget the free ticket to our December retreat, where you’ll get to work with us live for 3 days in San Diego.  

FAQ #2 – What if I want to take the course, but can’t make the live calls?

Answer: No problem! All of the calls will be recorded and transcribed, so you’ll still be able to listen to the calls afterwards. And you can read every word that was said. So you can refer back to the course material any time you want to, even if you can’t make the live calls.

And if you have a question but won’t be able to make it to the live Q&A call on November 4, you can submit your question by email or through the private Facebook forum in advance. That way, we’ll be sure to answer it so you can still get feedback and coaching from us, even if you’re not on the live call!

You don’t have to attend a single live call if you don’t want to. (But do participate in the private Facebook forum — where else can you network with a non-judgmental group of like-minded ADHD business owners, ask questions, and support each other? You really should take advantage of this bonus — it’s worth the price of the whole course by itself!)

Register for “Take Control of the Squirrel” here.


FAQ #3 – What if I’m overwhelmed and don’t feel I can handle any more information?

Answer: We get it. We have ADHD and dyslexia, too, remember? So our objective is to help you cut through the overwhelm, and we know our methods can help. They’re a little bit crazy sometimes. A little bit woo woo sometimes. And, we admit, a little bit [Read more...]

“Look! Squirrel!”

Squirrel“Look! Squirrel! How to Stop, Find Direction, and Get Things Done.”

What: Complimentary virtual training class

When: This class is now over, but sign up to get the recording!

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Don’t miss this complimentary class. In this training class, we’ll show you exactly:

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• interesting and easy ways to get your brain’s attention so you can refocus on what’s important

and more — all without beating yourself up!

What people say about our classes:

“I’ve learned more about my ADD from your teleseminars and blog posts in the past year than I have in the 17 years since I was diagnosed.” —Participant in our 2012 Anonymous Survey

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Marcia and Jacqui

What to Do When You Talk Too Much


Do you talk a lot? Do you use more words to express yourself than other people you know? This might not be problematic in your home life, but it can be a huge problem in business, particularly when you run your own company.

People are busy and want you to get to the point, but that can be hard when you have ADHD. It’s not nice for you either when you sense someone getting impatient, or backing away when you start a conversation (as they know once they engage they will be there for a while).

I remember hiring one very chatty service provider who I would avoid phoning at all costs. A telephone call with them was never shorter than 60 minutes. That’s a lot of extra time when purpose of the call could have been resolved in 5 or 10 minutes! I would email instead, even when it would have been better for me to pick up the phone and speak to a real person.

You don’t want to repel clients because you talk too much! It is possible to keep conversations (either on the phone or in person) short and to the point.

Here is how:

Before approaching your client, employee or heading into a meeting:

  1. Grab a piece of paper and write the title of the topic you want to talk about. This keeps you on topic.

  2. Underneath, jot down [Read more...]

Interview with Tara McGillicuddy: Running a Successful Business as and ADDer: The Ups and Downs of An Entrepreneur with ADHD

Yesterday Marcia and I interviewed Tara McGillicuddy. Tara is a successful business owner and she has ADHD. What is really cool is that Tara’s business in helping people with ADHD lead happy and productive lives. Tara was one of the first people to use the internet as a way to connect people with ADHD.

Marcia and I picked Tara’s brain on how she overcomes her ADHD challenges to run this successful business.

If you missed the call or want to listen to it again, click on the link below to download the MP3:

Working with ADHD: “Running a Successful Business as an ADDer”


or click the link below to listen online:

We asked Tara how she copes with the key business issues we know you are facing:
1.) Procrastination
2.) How to avoid distraction from necessary tasks