Our Focus, Control, and Balance Retreat was Powerful, Validating, and Motivating

FCB_AliciaMarkJacquiCropWhew! Jacqui and I are back from our Focus, Control, and Balance Retreat in San Diego, and it was an intense three days.

We love totally immersing ourselves in the issues faced by business people with ADHD, and for the second time (we held our first retreat in May 2013), we know with absolute certainty that these retreats attract the most sincere, interesting, intelligent, creative, open, passionate, and fun people we’ve met anywhere.

There were several themes that rang true and strong this first week of December — themes that kept cropping up for us and holding special meaning. For some, they were breakthroughs. For some, ahas. And for others, reminders of things learned before but resisted, or put aside.

Theme 1: ValidationFCB_groupfrmsideCrop

Some of us felt powerful validation. Either because someone else noticed and gave us credit for something we had not given ourselves credit for, or because we were finally in a room where we could release the tension in our shoulders and talk about things that others can’t know and don’t understand.

Theme 2: Turning points

Some of us are at turning points — and we got to a place where we could peek around the corner. The support of the group gave us the strength, and the permission, to open our eyes.

Theme 3: Talking points

Some of us found words, or the sparks of words, to ground us; to give us something to hold onto when the fog settles in and logic and reason abandon us.

FCB_LorraineBonnieMHCropTheme 4: Self care

We vowed to try new things (at least for a little while), like small amounts of exercise daily, adding omega 3, and removing gluten from our diets. Some walked during their share time, and as a group we told the waitress during lunches, “We’re gluten free!” when she tried to set the bread basket on the table.

Theme 5: Fixed vs. growth mindset

We made promises to ourselves to stretch and not close our own doors. Scary pacts were made: “I can’t learn to speak French,” “I can’t sing,” and “I can’t dance,” turned into pledges to learn a new French word a day, to take singing lessons, and to sign up for swing dance classes. One even agreed to break a longstanding resistance to new technology and learned new skills right then and there!

Theme 6: Time blockingFCB_BonnieandAlicia

Trepidation and resistance melted away as some of us agreed to open our minds to the structure of time management. We warmed to the “with structure comes freedom” credo.

And so it went. We did so much yet wanted to do so much more; it was tough to say goodbye.

If you resonate with the opportunity to let down your “front” with people who are facing the same challenges you are in your business and your life, we might have a spot for you at our next private, intimate retreat. Stay tuned for information about the next Focus, Control, and Balance Retreat, coming up the first week of June, 2014.



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