Here’s What We Did on Our Spring Break

Jacqui and I both took breaks this month to spend time with our families — Jacqui took off to England to visit her mum and dad, and I went to my mom’s in San Diego, CA.

Want to take a peek at what we did during our time off?

My turn:

Before I left for San Diego, my husband and I spent a long weekend at the cottage on Pelee Island, Ontario, in the middle of Lake Erie, to open it for the summer. It looks like my two best girls are behaving themselves on the beach. What they usually like to do is get wet and sandy and roll in dead fish. They get lots of baths at the cottage.

When I got to San Diego, Mom and I went to an awesome birthday party for one of her friends. It was one of the best parties I’ve ever been to, from a design standpoint. The birthday girl is very crafty and sews a lot, so everything about the party revolved around sewing. The centerpieces, above, were actually glass cylinder vases wrapped in 10 yards of satin ribbon — that’s a live flower in water and a needle threaded through the end of the ribbon. The food was so beautiful, it looked like the cover of a magazine (and tasted fabulous), and take a look at that cake, all of which was edible, including the chocolate scissors and spools of thread. Amazing to me, because, although I really enjoy seeing how other people do this stuff, the idea of actually doing it myself for 40 people fills me with terror. I’m so happy I was a guest and not the hostess!

The party was fun and I had to show you the photos, but here’s what I like much better — walking the beach in Del Mar with my daughter Jaime and having a lovely lunch with my mom in San Diego. This is one of my favorite photos of Mom, isn’t she pretty?

Jaime and I also got some shopping in while we were in Del Mar for our spa day, getting massages and facials. I even got a complimentary eyebrow lift — the facial lady zapped my brows and forehead somehow and I felt like I was surprised for the rest of the day. It wore off after 48 hours so I’m back to myself again.

Jacqui’s turn:

I come from a small and very close family, but even when I was very young, I knew I wanted to travel and live in other countries. 12 years ago I visited Montreal for a year. I loved it so much I couldn’t leave — which is why I am proud to be both a Canadian and British citizen, and Montreal is now my home. However, I go back to England 2 or 3 times a year to see everyone I love. My mum and dad still live in the home they raised us children in. My sister lives in Manchester with her own family and my brother moved to Edinburgh, Scotland. This trip was a big one, because I was taking my boyfriend, Dave, to meet them all for the first time.

You will be pleased to know they all loved him!

These photos aren’t in chronological order of the trip, but will give you a flavor of what I got up to.

London is always an incredible city to visit, but the energy now is really incredible. This year London is hosting the Olympics and it’s also the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth, marking her 60 years on the throne.

Above is the the Tower of London, a London cab, and below is Tower Bridge.

Next up, Dave and me outside the cafe where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter because she couldn’t afford heat in her apartment. A good lesson to every entrepreneur . . . your current financial position doesn’t need to reflect your potential.

In Edinburgh now . . . loved how the bar in our hotel was decorated. Then here we are enjoying our morning cappuccino.

There was a science fair in Edinburgh, and my sprint data was recorded and compared to Usain Bolt, the 5-time World gold medalist sprinter. When my brother James did his sprint, he didn’t mind about beating Usain Bolt, he just wanted to beat me! Sibling rivalry never dies!

So that’s what we did while we were away — do you think we made good use of our down time?

And now we’re back, rested, and rarin’ to go. Hope you’re taking time to unplug and refresh this spring, too — it’s good for your ADHD.


  1. Wow, Marcia!

    Sounds like both you and Jacqui had a fantastic April. So glad you enjoyed a wonderful time in San Diego, and yes, your mother does look gorgeous!

    All my best –


    • Hi Cindy, sorry we missed your comment with the maintenance of our site! Yes, we both had terrific vacations, and thanks for saying my mom looks gorgeous :)

    • It was a fun April!! thanks Cindy!! Marcia comes from good genes doesn’t she ;)

  2. I just “tripped” (the only trip I’ve been on lately :^) on this vacation blog of yours – great fun to see both of you, Jacqui and Marcia! I love your puppies, Marcia, the sandy beach, and find your writing about being back to yourself after 48 hours from the eyebrow lift very humorous! You are funny! Jacqui – loved seeing your smiling face and your beau – and seeing the wonderful adventures in London. The sprint thing looks like great fun. This personal touch is so lovely and fun! Nice!

    • Hi Bernadette!
      You need to go on a REAL trip, not just tripping on blog posts! :) But we’re happy you enjoyed ours.

      Thank you!

    • Hi Bernadette, Marcia’s dogs are so cute. Gracie bounces everywhere with a big smile on her face. Lezil is more low key and mysterious.
      London was so fun, and the running was you would have got a good time too!

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