One Simple Tool To Get Projects Done

What simple tool do both Business Coach and ADHD coach recommend to get projects completed? Can you guess what that is? Write lists! In the 21st century it’s hard to believe that something so simple can really be that effective, but it is.

Entrepreneurs with ADHD or ADHD tendencies find starting and carrying out projects from start to finish challenging. Often, the very thought of starting on a big project is very daunting and anxiety provoking, so it never gets started. Or it you start a project but never finish it. A simple way to stop the procrastination, overwhelm  and complete a project from A to Z is to write a list of all the steps.  Take a simple piece of paper and pen and write down all the steps that you can think of.

For example if you wanted to write a book, your list might look something like this:
1)      decide on a topic for the book.
2)      brain storm content ideas
3)      organize information into chapters

You might not know all of the steps at the start of the project, but once you start working on the tasks new information appears and the additional steps become more clear. If one of the steps on your list still feels daunting, then that is a sign that the step can be broken down further still.

When you have your list, you can type it up on your computer, stick it on the wall, or another safe place where you won’t lose it and then start on the first step. Once you have completed the first step you will feel so good and that ‘feel good factor’ will propel you forward to take action on the next step.

Start today!

1 Pick a project or task you have been putting off starting or finishing.

2  Sit for a few minutes and write your list of actions

3. Start with the first item on your list and cross it off

4. Enjoy the good feeling!

5.move to the second item

6. Repeat!

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