“Marcia in Montreal” Half-Day VIP ADHD Business Retreat

“Marcia in Montreal” Half-Day VIP ADHD Business Retreat

Are you ready to make a significant change in your business? Are you ready to combat some of the ADHD traits that are getting in your way? Then we have the solution. It’s powerful — and there’s only one available.

A VIP Day with both of us in Montreal

In March, Marcia is coming to Montreal (notice all those M’s!). We will be brainstorming and planning our business for the next six months. Since we are getting excited about doing it for our business, we want to offer this to kind of intense planning to you, too!

So, we are hosting a half-day business retreat for one serious ADHD business owner. This is perfect if you and your business need some close attention from both a business coach and an ADHD coach. You will work closely in person with both Jacqui and Marcia for 4 1/2 intense hours.

This day is custom designed for you

The day will be tailored specifically to your needs, and to make sure you implement what we create together, there will be four (4) one-hour follow-up telephone coaching sessions afterwards.

Here are just some of the things we could accomplish during your half-day VIP Business Retreat:

1.) Clarify your vision of where you want you business to take you

2.) Understand how to reach that next level in your business so it is rewarding personally and financially

3.) Learn how to set your priorities, based on what’s good for you and for your business

4.) Develop strategies to more evenly balance your work and home life, taking your ADHD into account

5.) Learn tools to help you stay sane when it’s only you, by yourself, in charge

6.) Learn methods to increase focus on mentally challenging tasks

7.) Understand why you procrastinate, the tight hold it has over you, and how to stop doing it

8.) Gain new strategies to help you stop lunging from one trauma to another

9.) Discover new ways to manage your time more effectively

You’ll emerge from the half-day session and follow-up calls energized and with new insights what will help you to:

• have increased concentration

• have productive days every day . . . not once in a blue moon

• feel happier, healthier and joyful

• reach your potential in your personal life

• increase your confidence and self-esteem

• be so excited about the direction of your business you can hardly wait to get up in the morning so you can go to work

• have great clients who love and appreciate you and value the work you do

• have your business be a fun place to be

So what exactly is the Half-Day VIP ADHD Business Retreat?

It is actually much more than just a in-person retreat.

It consists of the following:

• A pre-session 30-minute phone consultation with both Jacqueline and Marcia (a $247 value)

During this time we will get a clear idea of you and your business and the big issues you are facing. We will then decide the best course of action for you and create a plan for the in-person session.

• A 4.5 hour in-person retreat (a $2246 value)

Both Marcia and Jacqui will be live with you, in person, digging deep into your business and ADHD life. This is focused time where both coaches are entirely dedicated to you and your success. The most common concern ADHD entrepreneurs have when working with a coach is that they won’t implement what is talked about during coaching calls. That’s why this in-person session is so valuable — so we can roll up our sleeves and help you work through exercises on the spot, guiding you and answering your questions as they come up.

• Four 1-hour follow-up phone coaching sessions (a $797 value)

After 4.5 hours together, we know you will be excited to start implementing the ideas and strategies we create. However, we also know that one danger of ADHD is that implementing ideas can be hard when you go back to your ‘real world’. Because your success is important to us, we want to you experience success — not just talk about it. So we will schedule 2 hours of one-on-one coaching with Marcia for business coaching and 2 hours of one-on-one coaching with Jacqui for ADHD coaching. These coaching sessions will ensure  you have a support structure in place while you are making the changes in your buisness and life.

• Bonuses

1) Your very own paperback copy of the acclaimed book “Untapped Brilliance, How to Reach your Full Potential as an Adult with ADHD,” by Jacqueline Sinfield. (a $19.95 value)

2) Your very own copy of the ebook, “Marketing Gems: Brilliant Branding and Marketing Nuggets to Position Your Organization Ahead of the Pack,” by Marcia Hoeck. (a $17 value)

Your investment

Your total investment is $2,500.

This is a rare opportunity to work privately, in person, with both of us. We live 600 miles apart, in different countries, and aren’t together in person very often. And, Marcia isn’t visiting Montreal for long, so there is only one space available. If you live in Montreal, or want to visit Jacqui’s favourite city for a couple of days, this is the perfect time!

Email us at Jacqui.marcia@gmail.com right away to let us know you’re interested, or to ask us for more information. We’ll get back to you to schedule your retreat.

Remember, there’s only one retreat available, and once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Can’t wait to work with you in Montreal!

Jacqui and Marcia