Meet Us (and Your Peers) in the Mountains!

Are you working up to your potential?

Or do your struggles with ADHD get in your way and keep you from building the business you know you’re capable of building?


I’m about to burst — and now I can tell you why. It’s about something Marcia and I have been planning for awhile. We haven’t breathed a word until now, because we weren’t sure the logistics would be feasible. But, Marcia just now got off the phone with our dream venue and we got the thumbs up, so now we can tell you all about it.

It’s soooooo exciting.

We dreamed of having an event where we could get all of you, our favorite people, together — for a weekend of masterminding, business building, and personal development — and now we’re doing it!


May 5th & 5th, 2012


Join us for our Brilliant Business Weekend

Teton Springs Lodge, just outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming


As you know, Marcia and I have been working with entrepreneurs with ADHD for the past year and a half or so. We both have our own separate, individual businesses, and this joint work started as sort of a “side project.”

Well, since our first teleclass, our “side project” has had a life of its own. And it’s been growing and growing. It’s now at the front of our attention, which is wonderful because we love you guys. The term “guys” is actually being used loosely because most of you are strong women.

A few things have struck us about you, as we get to know you better, like . . . well, you should just go here and continue reading.

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