It’s Okay to Be Uncomfortable

Often it’s the simple things we master that make the difference in our businesses and lives.

Decide to really “get” one one simple new thing today. You won’t be overwhelmed, and these things will definitely add up!

So here’s your “one thing” for today:

It’s okay to be uncomfortable.

Did you ever hear the phrase, “Feel the fear and do it anyway”? Feeling uncomfortable is part of the process of running a business, even for people without ADHD.

It’s not just you.

I’m by nature an introvert, and I’m uncomfortable putting myself out there — but I do it all the time. The photo in this article is of me last November at the CHADD Conference with well-known Canadian actor and comedian Patrick McKenna. Jacqui and I interviewed him about how to be comfortable with yourself when you have ADHD, and he’s just one of the interesting people Jacqui and I stepped out of our comfort zones to get on video that week. (We were both uncomfortable.)

It’s okay to be uncomfortable.

Just recognize it and hold a space for that feeling. Realize that you will probably never be completely comfortable in business.

Then, move forward anyway. To others, it will look like confidence, or at least determination. For you, it will give you that extra boost of fuel, and you’ll feel better for having moved through the fear. The uncomfortable feeling will go away after you’ve accomplished the thing that made you uncomfortable — and not before.

Can you feel the fear and do it anyway? Good. Then go ahead and do it.

It’s okay to be uncomfortable. It’s part of running a business.



  1. “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” is so empowering. I must say it to myself five times a day Susan Jeffers excellent book by the same name really was an eyeopener for me. The book talks about how being in your comfort zone, while comfortable, is not going to get you the things you want in life. What was that Helen Keller (I think) quote? Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all. Heaven knows that adventures are rarely comfortable. Thanks for the inspiring post!

    • Hi Karrie,
      I love the Helen Keller quote too, thanks for reminding us — yes, you’re correct, she’s the one who said that. It’s true that “adventures are rarely comfortable”!

      And this: “about how being in your comfort zone, while comfortable, is not going to get you the things you want in life.” You are right! Thank you for your take on this.

  2. Hi Karrie
    I love Susan Jeffers book too. After reading it the first time it inspired me to do a parachute jump and to learn to speak in public. Both were life changing. The world really does open up and get bigger when you move outside your comfort zone doesn’t it.

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