Interview with Productivity Expert Stephanie Calahan

Wow!! What a great “Ask Marcia and Jacqui ANYTHING!” call we had today with special guest, Stephanie Calahan.

Stephanie gave some great advice and tips to all our entrepreneur listeners with ADHD or ADHD tendencies. Being productive and organized is a very popular topic, because it effects your quality of life, your self esteem, and your income.

The bonus is, everyone can learn to be productive and organized. Even if it doesn’t come naturally to you.

If you missed the call, or would like to listen again, you can get it below:

“Ask Marcia and Jacqui Anything!” April 4, 2011


Stephanie has a free special report for you, with some great methods to prioritize your tasks and projects. You can get it here:

“Priority Setting: Working on the Right Things”

You’ll find some other terrific goodies on this page as well.

You can also contact Stephanie for more information about working with her at her Productive and Organized website.

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