Interview with Michael Laskoff: Going Public with My ADHD

Today, Marcia and I had the pleasure of interviewing businessman Michael Laskoff. Michael has a very impressive resume. For example, he is a Harvard Business School graduate, ADDitude and Huffington Post blogger, and Business Week columnist, and regularly appears on National Public Radio. He is also an author, and CEO of AbilTo, a company he created.

To download the MP3 recording of the call, click the link below:

“Business Brilliance: Interview with Michael Laskoff,” October 10, 2011

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Michael also has ADHD, and he faces the same ADHD challenges you do.

We wanted to know, what does Michael do to work with his ADHD?

On the call our listeners discovered . . .

  • Michael was diagnosed with ADHD four years ago and was delighted because, “Suddenly my demons had a name.”
  • He doesn’t believe that ADHD is a gift, rather, “I see what I do well as adaptive behaviors, things I have developed to cope with the fact that I have other shortcomings.”
  • The response Michael had in his business when he first starting telling people he has ADHD — and why he continues to tell people, even his clients
  • If you should tell people you have ADHD
  • Tips on how to manage impulsiveness
  • Tips on getting big projects done

Marcia asked Michael a great question, which was:

“Our ADHD in business survey showed us that our listeners fear their ADHD traits of being unable to focus and commit to their goals will keep them from being great, and that they’ll miss opportunities. Do you ever worry that you’ll miss opportunities because of your ADHD? Do you ever miss opportunities because of your ADHD?”

Michael’s answer was very honest and helpful.

Hope you find the call as helpful as we did!!

Our next call is Monday, October 24, at 12 noon Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern.

Happy listening,
Jacqui and Marcia

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