Interview with Writer Frank South: From Hollywood to Doing Good

After listening to Frank South, the Hollywood writer and executive producer tell his ADHD story on our Business Brilliance call . . .  all that remains to be said is wow.

Frank had undiagnosed ADHD all through his successful “glamorous” lifestyle, and he walks us through his life, from high school to Hollywood and back again. His natural storytelling ability had Marcia, me, and our listeners captivated. We felt like we were on the roller coaster of life in the fast creative lane, right there with Frank.

As much as Frank’s life was exciting, it was also painful. Listening to him, we realize that money and fame might buy impressive cars, outfits, and a nice lifestyle for him and his family, but if something emotional is out of sync, none of that matters. With the support of his wife and children, he made some brave changes, and now he “works” his ADHD as a writer for ADDitudes Magazine and independent playwright.

Franks shares his  secrets to living a successful life with ADHD so that you can too!

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“Business Brilliance,” July 25, 2011


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One of our listeners, Melanie, asked if Frank would give us some writing advice, which he says is coming up in the upgrade of his site, coming soon. Frank also recommended his wife Margaret South’s site for story writing.

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Jacqui and Marcia


  1. wow…thank you so much for having frank on…i almost cried when he was
    talking about having trouble with word retrieval, i had never heard that put into
    words…it was really comforting to hear what i have always experienced and
    felt inadequate for put that way….i now realize why email and computer is
    so difficult and exhausting when i am a whiz at other things…also really
    appreciated being told to be ourselves and give ourselves a break…
    really enjoyed hearing his story and related in so many ways…
    thank you frank, thank you marcia and jacqui!!

  2. Hi Brenda,
    I know what you mean! This was a pretty powerful interview, wasn’t it? I’m so glad you enjoyed Frank’s story as much as we did. He is so open and honest about his life and feelings and relationships, I think that’s what makes us relate to him so much. Have you read any of his blog on ADDitude Magazine? His posts are really good. You can find him here: Thanks for listening and commenting — we appreciate you.

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