Interview with Dr. Joe Flanders: How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help the ADHD Mind

Ever since I became an ADHD coach, I have been on a constant quest to find ways to make meditation easier for adults with ADHD. If you are scratching your head and wondering why, its because meditation does wonders to minimize the negative effects of ADHD.

AND when that happens, you feel happier, in control of your life, your emotions, and your business. Plus the gifts of ADHD can shine brightly.

After today’s call, that quest might have come to an end. Marcia and I interviewed Dr. Joe Flanders, who teaches Mindfulness Meditation.

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“Business Brilliance” June 6, 2011


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What Marcia and I learned, along with our hundreds of listeners, is that meditation isn’t hard. You haven’t failed if your busy mind jumps around. Dr. Joe uses the analogy of working out at a gym. Every time your brain jumps for another thought and you bring it back, its as though you have done a rep with your weights. Which is a good thing.

During the call, Dr. Joe explains:

1) Why Mindful Meditation is so powerful, and the science behind it
2) How easy it is
3) The best time of day to practice it
4) You don’t have to sit still
5) How it helps stress and anxiety, confidence, and much much more

He also walks us through a 5-minute meditation (it was so powerful, Marcia had to try very hard to come back to interview mode afterwards, she was so relaxed).

ADHD and meditation might seem like contradictions, yet with these simple strategies, that isn’t the case anymore.

You can learn more about Dr. Joe and his work at his website.

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