Interview with ADHD expert Terry Matlen: the Challenges of the ADHD Woman Entrepreneur

Terry Matlen gave us a powerful interview today, with so much amazing information about how ADHD affects women. We had a great discussion about how all of this relates to your life and your work — you’ll want to listen to the recording more than once, we’re sure of it.

Terry told her own story, about how her search to help her daughter led to her own ADD diagnosis, and how that turned into an online business that helps many women from all over the world.

It was fascinating to hear the unique differences between how ADHD shows up in women and girls, including the internalization and disconnectedness that’s often misdiagnosed.

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“Business Brilliance” May 16, 2011


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We just may have to have her back again — as Jacqui said after we were finished, it’s like we just touched the tip of the iceberg.

You can learn more about Terry and her work at and ADD

And don’t forget to check out Terry’s book, “Survival Tips for Women with ADHD.”

We’ll be back in three weeks, on June 6, when we’ll be talking with Dr. Joe Flanders who will be talking to us about Mindfulness Meditation.

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