How Can I Improve My Executive Functions?

Executive functions are high-level cognitive processes that take place without us having to think about them. There is a growing amount of research showing that adults with ADHD have a weakness in how the executive functions work. But don’t be alarmed, there is lots you can do to help yours so you can still excel.

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On today’s call, we talked about what exactly executive functions are, and then went into detail on the following four (we will cover the others in our next call):

We gave you tips on:

  • Working memory and recall
  • Keeping facts in mind, manipulating information, and retrieving stored data from long-term memory

  • Motivation, activation, arousal, and effort
  • Starting, giving attention to, and finishing a task

For each executive function, we explained what it does AND tips on how to function very well.

You asked for this topic!

This topic came out of your comments from our recent ADHD and Business Survey — you guys have such wonderful questions!

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