How ADHD Affects Your Business Confidence

Monday, we hosted our bi-weekly “Ask Marcia and Jacqui ANYTHING!” call with a bit of twist.

We focused on one of Marcia’s fav subjects — confidence in your business.

If you have ADHD, this can be a constant challenge, as confidence in your business is related to your self esteem, and self esteem is often quite low in adults with ADHD.

However, your clients are drawn to confident business owners, and your confidence grows when you have clients.

This isn’t a Catch 22 situation when you have Marcia and me in your corner!! Marcia walks you through her steps to develop your biz confidence and I add my ADHD knowledge and insights so you can start building your confidence right now.

If you couldn’t join us live, you can listen to the recording:

“Ask Marcia and Jacqui ANYTHING!” March 7, 2011

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How your ADHD or ADHD tendencies affect the mix of business confidence, and what to do about it
  • How being overwhelmed affects your confidence
  • How to prioritize to strengthen confidence
  • Methods of decision making that boost confidence because they fit your business and communication style
  • How credibility affects confidence and how to position yourself if you think you lack it

If you have questions or comments, email Jacqui at:

and we’ll address them in our next “Ask Marcia and Jacqui ANYTHING!” call on Monday the 21st of March.

Go listen now:

“Ask Marcia and Jacqui ANYTHING!” March 7, 2011

And have a productive week!

Jacqui & Marcia

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