Grow Your Business, Get Things Finished, and Be Your Best When It Really Matters

In our Business Brilliance call yesterday, Marcia and I answered some wonderful questions. Here is a sample:

  • A photographer wanted assistance on a problem she faces in her growing business. When you have ADHD, the answer is always to do what comes easiest to you, and after a quick brainstorm, we found out what that was for her.
  • One listener wanted tips on how to follow through on tasks and get things finished (a common ADHD complaint that is very frustrating).
  • We also addressed the fine line between mindset and ADHD.
  • And, how to show up and be your best when it really matters.
If you missed the call, or want to listen to it again . . . here it is. Click on the link below to download the MP3:

Business Brilliance: “Ask Marcia and Jacqui Anything!” July 11, 2011


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Our next call is July 25th and we have a very special guest! Look for more information to come.

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Jacqui and Marcia


  1. I will eventually read more when I get some adderall again which will be who knows when… only thing that ever helped me read more than a couple sentences to a paragraph… But who needs reading books when you can write them… Sorry for drifting… Went to Landmark College in Putney Vt too btw… (only for LD students)… Then to 8-12 other colleges over the next 14-18 yrs… (Had 2 yrs off for the navy in my early 20s)… But again drifting… Just bought 7 more domains… bringing me to 43-45 web sites (2 are projects I am working on with long lost cousins of mine)…. Ok Question… O yea… I do have one question…. How would you answer the retardly stupid questions that take me forever to figure out blue or green… big or small…. skinny or fat…. Black or white… Does this look good or like it was just painted by a blind man… Little details & which of the 1000′s of businesses, projects & inventions I am starting or have been working on should I focus more on. that part I think I got figure out… Just going to keep it simple & narrow it down to like the top 20 businesses & ventures to start… But again… Each one needs a web page & then each page a layout & color & font & sometimes is hard to figure out which small detail I should go with, again little things like color or how something looks or reads….. I can take a good guess at answering my own question, but then again I do not know if its the best answer… so I again rephrase the question & ask you,,,, How do you think I should answer the little questions…

  2. I am the best…

  3. All the time, Good advice, though… Thanks.. I like to think of myself as the greatest polymath that ever lived…. In the military they teach you to do it right the first time as well… And attention to detail… Don’t get me started on cleaning (was in the NAVY, which incidentally stands for Never Again Volunteer Yourself… Which most people don’t know… If you don’t go officer, don’t go… I shouldn’t really say that, but I guess any statement that may inspire a cousin to be greater then themselves & keep them from having to suffer can’t be that bad… One of those ok for me & that I did it & would do it again, but not ok for you… (I was also on the Navy’s version of the Flying Dutchman… But that’s a long story…) I hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend… Peace Love & Much Happiness – JC

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  4. O sorry that was the title of the article not the response, duh,,, In addition to missing that whole part about answering any question in July 11th, In true adhd fashion only a few months late, but I also though I saw something say J 3 responses, grow your business, get things finished & be the best when it matters… see I though that was your response to me, as I slept, I must have forgotten the name of the article, actually I saw ask any question & found the first comment box I could, anyways, I agree, but I would say be your best all the time & with everything you do, like the samurai…

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