Get Out of the Weeds!

Entrepreneurs with ADHD need to stay out of the weeds!

The entrepreneur’s path — whether you’re an entrepreneur with ADHD or not — is rarely a straight line: we go off on detours, get sidetracked, bump into obstacles, and sometimes even back up a little as we move towards the goals for our businesses. But it’s really important not to get “stuck in the weeds.”

Because of the traits we have that enable us to be entrepreneurs in the first place — a high degree of creativity, the ability to take risks, chutzpah, and the sheer number of ideas we generate — it’s so easy to follow every bright shiny object that crosses our path.

We love to do this
We love to do this — we even go out of our way to do this! How many times have you left a project unfinished to follow some delicious new idea, even if it takes you entirely off track and opens up a can of worms? You know you need to finish the project at hand, but the new idea is so enticing, so interesting, you can’t resist — so off you go, sometimes at great expense in terms of dollars and/or time, putting yourself way behind schedule and getting caught up in a new set of twists and turns that may have very little to do with moving your business forward. (Ouch, sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?)

And before long, you’re stuck in the weeds. Off the path. And you may not even recognize it.

And it’s okay!
It’s okay. We all do it! The important thing is to get in the habit of checking yourself every so often to find out if you’re on your path moving towards your business objectives, or if you’re off on a tangent and stuck in the weeds — and you know the difference.

Use tools to get back on track
Use some of the tools we’ve been talking about on our “Ask Marcia and Jacqui Anything!” calls:

  • Set a timer when you work so you won’t go too far off course.
  • Wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it when you find your mind wandering.
  • Stand up and change your environment.

These tools and tricks can go a long way to helping entrepreneurs — those working with and without ADHD — to stay on the path and out of the weeds.

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