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We have just a few limited spots available in our brand-new 6-month Momentum Inner Circle program, starting June 1, 2013.

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6-Month Program Begins June 1

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Why “1″ Is the Loneliest Number

We live in a society that prizes independence and autonomy. However, humans weren’t designed to forge ahead as lone wolves. We are pack animals. We work better, live longer and are healthier (physically and emotionally) when we are connected to others.

IMG_0415Research proves this

There are thousands of research studies to support this! For example, babies who have their physical needs met, but aren’t picked up and held, gain less weight than babies who are given exactly the same amount of food, but have lots of cuddle time.

Pre-diabetics who tracked their food intake, exercise, and weight, and attended small weekly group meetings, saw much better results than a control group that was just taking medication and was not communicating with others in the group.

When a person is standing at the foot of a mountain and estimates how difficult it is to climb, it’s always perceived as harder when they are standing there alone, compared to when they are with a friend.

We’ve seen it first-hand

Marcia and I now have fresh first-hand experience of how powerful the group is, after we ran our “Focus, Control, & Balance” retreat for ADHD entrepreneurs. Not only did the participants learn from us, they also learned from each other. They connected with people who ‘got’ them, in a way that no one else ever had.Connecting with people who have the same struggles and challenges is validating, healing, and empowering. It changes something inside you, so you can be the best version of you possible! We have been keeping in touch with our retreat participants via a Facebook group and they themselves can’t believe how much they are achieving with their new-found knowledge and group support. One of our participants has even needed less anxiety medication since our group learning experience.

Marcia and I met in a group five years ago. We got to experience for ourselves the powerful effect a group can have on your business, and on you personally. In fact, our business, Working with ADHD, would not have been built if we hadn’t met in that group.

IMG_0428You can experience it, too

At our retreat, we announced our new “Momentum Inner Circle” program. As the name suggests, we want you to build momentum and move your business forward to a level that simply isn’t possible on your own. Our Momentum Inner Circle is a 6-month coaching and mastermind program, with virtual and in-person elements, lots of accountability, and individual coaching with both Marcia and me, as well as group support and interaction.


The Momentum Inner Circle is not for everyone — but it could be for you! If you’re looking for momentum in your business, inspiration, support, accountability, and the collaboration of a group of like-minded business owners, you’ll want to apply. This focused program is very limited, and there are still a few spots available. Would you like one of them?

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Jacqui and Marcia

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