Get Control of Your Email with “The Email Game”

Hope you are safe following Hurricane Sandy. We were following the storm and sending positive thoughts and prayers to both friends and people we didn’t know who were hit. Neither Marcia nor I were badly affected by the storm — just a bit of extra wind and rain. However, we know we’re fortunate and hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

Take care




Get Control of Your Email with “The Email Game”

When you have your own business, email is almost certainly a huge part of your life. However, for ADDers, email is also one of the biggest problems. It causes overwhelm, anxiety, worry, procrastination, and even lack of sleep.

If this is you, don’t worry! There is a brilliant solution, and it’s so fun, email becomes like a game. It’s completely free and is called “The Email Game.”  I have been using it for the last week and I LOVE it.

The only catch is, it only works with Gmail. But if you don’t have a Gmail account, don’t let that stop you. Opening a Gmail account only takes a few minutes. Then simply get your email from other accounts forwarded to the Gmail account.

It’s very easy to learn how to play. It takes a couple of minutes, and using it saves hours of time! If the frustration of getting caught up in email every day has been an ongoing challenge for you, you’ll want to check out The Email Game – and be sure to let us know how it works for you.

Happy Emailing!!!



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