How Can I Focus So Well on One Thing, and Have Such A Hard Time Focusing on Another . . . even when I know they both are important?

ThomasBrownPhoto2Did you listen to our interview with Dr.Thomas E. Brown? It was fascinating!

(After you listen to this interview, be sure to listen to our follow-up interview with Dr. Brown, How Can I Be So Smart and Capable, and Still Get Stuck?)

Dr. Brown sent Marcia and me both a copy of his new book, “A New Understanding of ADHD in Children and Adults: Executive Function Impairments,” which is packed full of great information – especially the new science behind your ADHD.

If you missed this special program, or want to listen to it again, click on the link below to download the MP3:

Working With ADHD

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During the interview we learned about:

  • Why people think ADHD is about not trying hard enough, and the scientific reasons why it’s not about willpower

It’s got nothing to do with effort! Dr. Brown explains this misunderstanding arose because ADDers can focus and concentrate on things they enjoy, yet can’t on things that are boring to them. It has nothing to do with willpower or effort and everything to do with brain chemistry.

  • ADHD meds

Why and how they help
Why they make some people feel “different”
Why they get bad press
How to find a knowledgeable doctor in your area to prescribe the right meds and dosage for you

  • New findings about the differences between the ADHD brain and the non-ADHD brain
  • What’s really happening when you “space out”

Hint: it has to do with brain oscillation! Next time you do it, tell people you were just having a problem shutting down your default mode network.
It’s so helpful to understand the reason behind the behaviors, isn’t it?

  • Why ADDers have additional emotional, cognitive, and learning disorders more often than others.

Dr. Brown’s analogies of how your executive functions work like a conductor of an orchestra or the operating system of a computer make it crystal clear. You’re going to have problems with your software if your operating system is down!

  • Why it’s important to match your environment with what works for you

. . . and lots more.

Get Dr. Brown’s book on Amazon

We hope you enjoy the interview with Dr. Brown as much as we did. You can get Dr. Brown’s brand new book, “A New Understanding of ADHD in Children and Adults: Executive Function Impairments,” on Amazon.

Dr. Brown also mentioned his earlier book as a more general ADHD reference, “Attention Deficit Disorder: The Unfocused Mind in Children and Adults,” also available on Amazon.

For more information about Dr. Brown and to read excerpts from the books, visit Dr. Brown’s website.


Jacqui and Marcia


  1. Bonnie Hutchinson says:

    Wow, you’ve had lots of great interviews, but for me, this one was the best yet. I learned lots of stuff I didn’t know before. The best part was, after listening to Dr. Brown’s explanation of brain chemistry and brain oscillation, I might actually – FINALLY! – stop being mad at myself for my “lack of will power and discipline.” What a wonderful gift. Thanks!

    • Thank you Bonnie — I gained a lot of insight on this interview as well. In fact, I think I’ll go back and listen to it again! It’s so good to keep up on the new science, because they are learning new things all the time.


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