Welcome to Working with ADHD

_96H4337 twitcrp2This website is designed to help you find everything you need to know about running a successful business when you have ADHD.

It’s likely you’re different

If you are reading this, it’s highly likely you are creative, fun, passionate, and a “think-outside-the-box” type of person—and you might not be ready to embrace all of those qualities in yourself yet, because your self esteem may be a little low.

You started your own business because working for someone else may have been agony. You’re really good at what you do, but working in a cubicle, coming and going by someone else’s idea of working hours, and taking direction based on outdated ideas or when you know a better way, just doesn’t work for you. And despite your many creative strengths, you also face many challenges—and these are the things that are holding you and your business back.

Here you’ll find strategies to help you reach your potential

On this site you will learn tips and strategies that will be your bridge between your current reality and your potential. We address subjects like How to Plan Your Time, the best Project Management Tools for Entrepreneurs with ADHD, Why Does It Take Me So Long to Finish a Task, and How Simple Systems Can Supercharge Your Business when You Have ADHD.  

We have also interviewed ADHD experts and successful business owners with ADHD, including the adventures of hilarious Hollywood writer Frank South; ADHD coaching pioneer Nancy Ratey, who talks about taking control of your disorganized mind; psychologist and specialist in ADHD Dr. Ari Tuckman, about why you don’t do what you know you should do; ADHD learning expert Peter Riddle about teaching your brain to focus; and Yale University psychologist and ADHD specialist and author, Dr. Thomas E. Brown, about why you can focus so well on one thing but not on others.

We hope you find it helpful.