How to Set and Achieve Your Goals When You Have ADHD

photo (7)At the end of May, I joined a group to train to run a half marathon. On the first day of training, we were all given a training schedule. That piece of paper laid out exactly the number of runs and the distance I needed to do every week for the next 16 weeks. When I got that training schedule, I felt a surge of positive energy. I felt empowered. The information on that piece of paper was the key to achieving my goal: to run a half marathon.

When you are an entrepreneur with ADHD, setting goals is one of the keys to success. However, goal setting isn’t always easy when you have ADHD.

Some ADHDers don’t like to set goals because they have set goals in the past, and then they’ve been disappointed if they didn’t achieve the goals. Others find they are so busy fighting daily fires, that taking a even a few minutes to plan impossible. And some people just aren’t sure how to set goals.

This week I challenge you to set a goal. Here are the steps:

1. Identify one long term goal. (Just one for now.) [Read more...]

Why Healthy Boundaries are Important When You are Working with ADHD



In order to have a successful business when you have ADHD, it is vital to create strong personal boundaries. Boundaries are rules you set for yourself, based on your values and priorities.

Some boundaries are automatically in place without you having to be consciously aware of them. For example, if a stranger stands too close to you, you instinctively step away in order to create a physical space that you are comfortable with.

However, not all boundaries are that easy! Sometimes you don’t know what your boundaries are, so you can’t enforce them. Because healthy boundaries are so important for you to feel happy and be successful, it’s worth spending a little time and reflect what is happening now and what you need to do to strengthen your boundaries.

Here is a list of areas where it’s important to have healthy boundaries:

• Physical space
• Mental
• Emotional
• Time
• Physical body
• Sexual
• Material

How to find your boundaries

If you aren’t sure what your boundaries are now, start to [Read more...]

Start the New Year with Positive Changes to Your ADHD Health

The start of a New Year usually brings an enthusiasm to look at yourself, your life, and your business. You can reflect back and see what is working, what isn’t, and make some positive changes. While there’s a lot of research to show that New Year’s resolutions don’t work, there’s also plenty of evidence that creating habits and setting goals DO work.

Make an easy change

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions this year, why not make some positive changes using goals and habits in your life? If you aren’t sure what area to address, I suggest starting [Read more...]

How Shame Affects Your Business Success

Welcome to our first newsletter after our August break!

Back to school has come and gone and its officially autumn now. Summer seems a distant memory already!! Thank goodness for photos.

Here’s one of Marcia and me during time we spent together at Marcia’s cottage last month. I’m wearing jeans to protect my legs from more insect bites — apparently I am very tasty.

While we were together, we planned lots of exciting things for Working with ADHD, the first one being a survey. Have you taken it? If not, then we would love it so much if you could. It only takes a few minutes:

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Enjoy today’s article . . . it’s all about feeling shame, and how not to let it get the best of you.

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How Shame Affects Your Business Success

Shame is one of those topics people hate to talk about. Unfortunately, shame and ADHD often go hand in hand.

Many ADDers feel ashamed of themselves and their behavior. Both of what they did or didn’t do. They feel they aren’t good enough and don’t match society’s crazy ‘norms’. However, like anything, when you address it head on, it isn’t nearly bad as you thought.

Shame affects all areas of your life

When you feel ashamed of who you are, it affects all areas of your life — the quality of your relationships, your health, and your business.

How does it do that? Well, when you feel shame about yourself, you [Read more...]

Warning: Dehydration is Hazardous to Your ADHD Health

About a year ago Marcia and I interviewed Stephanie Calahan of Calahan Solutions. Stephanie is a productivity and organization expert. I was already impressed with Stephanie’s style and knowledge, however when she mentioned the importance of drinking water for productivity, I thought, wow, she really knows her stuff! :)

As a former nurse, I find it really hard not to link everything back to our bodies. We can’t expect miracles from our body if we don’t give it everything it needs to function at its best.

When you are an entrepreneur with ADHD, it’s extra important to take care of your health. When you do, your body and brain function at their best and this directly relates your productivity and your income. The brain is 85% water, and an adult loses 10 cups of fluid each day, even without exercising. In order, to keep it working at its optimal function, we need to drink lots of water.

When you are dehydrated: [Read more...]