Diary of our “Focus, Control, & Balance” Live Retreat

IMG_0432cropby Jacqueline Sinfield

Tuesday, April 30th
12 noon
Flew from Montreal to Detroit. It was a painless flight, no delays or hold ups . . . even my suitcase got there safely.

6 pm
Marcia met me at the Detroit airport and we ran errands. We bought gifts for our retreat participants as well as water and tons of apples for refreshments. We both were excited, because our first ever live event was just days away after 6 months of planning!!

8 pm
Arrived at Marcia’s home and I saw Todd (Marcia’s husband) for the first time after his quadruple bypass heart surgery. Despite it only being 6 days after the operation he was doing really well. I also got to see [Read more...]

Announcing our LIVE 3-day retreat May 2-4

We’d love to have you join us at our LIVE Business ADHD event!

May 2-4, 2013

“Focus, Control, and Balance:

 How to Take Charge, Get Out of Overwhelm, and Stay on Track

for Business Owners with ADHD

3-Day Live Retreat

In 3 short days, you can learn focus, control, and balance in your business, even if your struggles with ADHD get in your way and keep you from building the business you know you’re capable of building.

Go here for more information. Email us at marcia.jacqui@gmail.com if you have questions.

Marcia and Jacqui

Take Control of the Squirrel: How to Master the Mental Game of (ADHD) Business


Did you see the movie“Up!” where Dug the dog keeps getting distracted . . . by squirrels?

That’s the story of our lives. 

Join us as we walk you step-by-step through the exact solutions we teach our clients and use ourselves to feel accomplished and productive in our businesses every day.

We are excited to announce our first comprehensive virtual training series, 

“Take Control of the Squirrel: How to Master the Mental Game of (ADHD) Business So You Can Get Things Done, Make More Money, and Feel Good About Your Business.” 


This 4-part training series begins February 11. Click here to find out more (and don’t forget to check out the awesome bonuses!)

Bonus #1: Running a business with ADHD is lonely. Our first bonus is a Private Facebook group for interacting, networking, supporting, and getting your questions answered.

Bonus #2: Register now and you’ll get a complimentary ticket to our live 3-day retreat in May!

Our wish is that you’ll have buckets full of confidence and success . . . and take control of that squirrel!

Take Our New Survey and Win a Membership to the ADD VIP Club!

We need your help!
Could you take a couple of minutes to fill out our survey? Just click here or the link below to take it.

Click here to take our Working with ADHD survey.

The survey is anonymous. However, if you email Jacqui and tell her you filled out the form, your name will be added to a special prize drawing! We are giving away 5 memberships to our ADD VIP CLUB as a way to thank you for your input.

This survey will help us help you.

Don’t forget to tell Jacqui you took the survey to be entered in the drawing! Email her at:

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Here’s What We Did on Our Spring Break

Jacqui and I both took breaks this month to spend time with our families — Jacqui took off to England to visit her mum and dad, and I went to my mom’s in San Diego, CA.

Want to take a peek at what we did during our time off?

My turn:

Before I left for San Diego, my husband and I spent a long weekend at the cottage on Pelee Island, Ontario, in the middle of Lake Erie, to open it for the summer. It looks like my two best girls are behaving themselves on the beach. What they usually like to do is get wet and sandy and roll in dead fish. They get lots of baths at the cottage. [Read more...]

Meet Us (and Your Peers) in the Mountains!

Are you working up to your potential?

Or do your struggles with ADHD get in your way and keep you from building the business you know you’re capable of building?


I’m about to burst — and now I can tell you why. It’s about something Marcia and I have been planning for awhile. We haven’t breathed a word until now, because we weren’t sure the logistics would be feasible. But, Marcia just now got off the phone with our dream venue and we got the thumbs up, so now we can tell you all about it.

It’s soooooo exciting.

We dreamed of having an event where we could get all of you, our favorite people, together — for a weekend of masterminding, business building, and personal development — and now we’re doing it!


May 5th & 5th, 2012


Join us for our Brilliant Business Weekend

Teton Springs Lodge, just outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming


As you know, Marcia and I have been working with entrepreneurs with ADHD for the past year and a half or so. We both have our own separate, individual businesses, and this joint work started as sort of a “side project.”

Well, since our first teleclass, our “side project” has had a life of its own. And it’s been growing and growing. It’s now at the front of our attention, which is wonderful because we love you guys. The term “guys” is actually being used loosely because most of you are strong women.

A few things have struck us about you, as we get to know you better, like . . . well, you should just go here and continue reading.

Holiday Sale!

Ready for a change in your business and your life? Our Holiday Sale makes now the perfect time!

It’s December. And as a business owner with ADHD, you’re reflecting on the last 12 months and promising yourself you’ll make changes next year so your results will be better. But unless you do something different, you will get the same results.

To help you capitalize on your ‘ready for change’ energy and to create shifts, we’re making it very easy for you.

We’re having a Holiday Sale!

That’s right. We’re offering 2 of our ADHD business coaching packages at very reduced rates. So you can buy yourself a present! (Or let someone know it’s on your list :)

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to work with people who know and understand the challenges of running a business when you have ADHD (that’s us!), now is the perfect time.

Click here to find out more about our Holiday Sale.

We Got Together for Brainstorming!

Last week, Jacqui and I were lucky enough to be able to get together in person for the first time in a l-o-n-g time, so we wanted to give you a peek of the fun time we had. Here are the two of us, with my dogs Gracie and Liesl, on the beach at my cottage on Pelee Island, Ontario, in the middle of Lake Erie. We took hikes, walked the beach, had fabulous meals, drank a bit of wine, and, of course, talked about our business.

Next time, when we hold our first workshop, maybe you’ll come join us!

See you on our Business Brilliance “Ask Marcia and Jacqui Anything” call on Monday, September 12th, at 3:00 pm EDT,


Business Brilliance “Ask Marcia and Jacqui Anything”

Monday, September 12, 2011

12:00 noon PDT / 3:00 pm EDT

If you’re on our list, you got the link. If you’re not, sign up to the right to get call-in details.

The Results Are In!

Two weeks ago, Marcia and I invited you to take part in our survey for entrepreneurs with ADHD and ADHD tendencies.

Thank you for taking part! We announced there would be a prize drawing, and that one lucky winner would receive a 60-minute coaching call with both of us.

However . . .  we were both so overcome with gratitude that so many of you took part in the survey, that we decided to pick not one, but two winners!

Marcia and I live in different cities (and in different countries), so we each held our own separate drawing and each picked a winner.

Want to know who the winners are?

Check out the videos below:

We also promised to share the results of the survey with you in a special call.

It is our our hope that you will feel part of a tribe of other special people, all facing similar challenges in life and business. Of course, for every challenge there is always an answer, and that is where Marcia and I come in!

The special call where we share the survey results will be held:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

12:00 noon PST / 3:00 pm EST

Mark your calendar now, and don’t miss this special call!

As with all our calls, you are welcome to interact and ask us questions.

Hope you are as excited as we are!!!

To your business success,
Jacqui and Marcia

Are you curious?

Are you curious? Do you like to find out the answers to things you aren’t sure about? If you have ADHD, or ADHD tendencies, then you almost certainly do.

Marcia and I have been doing our Business Brilliance calls for entrepreneurs with ADHD and ADHD tendencies for over six months now and we just love doing them. But now our curiosity has gotten the better of us.

We want to know who is listening to these calls! (And if you’re getting this email, you signed up for the calls.)

And we want to know what your challenges are, relating to your ADHD and your business.

-> We know for sure 1000′s of people listen to the calls, because we see the download and podcast statistics.

-> We can guess our listeners have ADHD or ADHD tendencies.

-> We can presume you have your own businesses.

-> We know a little about some of you because you email us with questions, or come to the live calls.

BUT the rest is a mystery.

And we couldn’t take it any longer! So, in order to scratch that curiosity itch, we decided to ask you a few questions.

Please take our survey

We’ve put together a quick survey that will only take you minutes to complete, but will help us so much. Not just because we are curious, but also because when we know who we are talking to, your interests and challenges, we can address those in future calls and interviews.

Take our ADHD survey for business owners here. [Read more...]