Live coaching: helping Lisa launch her new business

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Ask Marcia and Jacqui Anything! November 15, 2010

This call was so fun. It took a slightly different format as we had a live coaching session with a wonderful lady called Lisa. Lisa has ADHD and is just about to launch a new business with her husband.

Marcia and I were able to coach her around her most pressing issues. Even though your situation is different from Lisa’s, you will still be able to apply the tips and tricks Marcia and I suggested to Lisa to yourself and your business.

We also had time to answer an email question about getting into ‘the flow’ and hyper focus.

Other news!

If you would like to be personally coached by Marcia and me (sounds a bit like the movie, Marley and Me) visit our new coaching page for more information.

Finding Focus for Entrepreneurs with ADHD - November 22
Join us next Monday, the 22nd of November, for our hour-long teleclass, all about Finding Focus! Loads of incredible information about how to focus so that you can succeed in your business. Don’t miss this class.

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