Jacqui shares how to know if you have ADHD or ADHD tendencies

Did you miss yesterday’s “Ask Marcia and Jacqui ANYTHING!” call? Not to worry . . . you can click below to get the recording:

“Ask Marcia and Jacqui ANYTHING!” January 24, 2011

Marcia and I answered questions on:

  • How to know if you have ADHD or ADHD tendencies,
  • Should you get an official diagnosis,
  • What do to if you are trying to hide your ADHD from your employees (or anyone),
  • Is ADHD something to ashamed of? (heads up . . . NO :))

PLUS  I was able to make Marcia laugh out loud (twice!) when I shared some of my dyslexia mistakes. (Note from Marcia: They were funny! And endearing.) I am very comfortable in who I am now, and these errors that I shared make me laugh, too. This wasn’t always the case. There was a time when I would have done everything possible to keep those things hidden. Now, however, I know that the gifts I have are because I do have dyslexia and the few potentially embarrassing moments are are worth it.

This is how Marcia and I view ADHD too. There are HUGE gifts when you have ADHD and the unwanted aspects can be managed so that you can excel.

And Marcia and I are here to help you!

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