ADHD in Business Survey Results

On Thursday, Marcia and I hosted a special Business Brilliance call. In it we announced the results of the survey you took time to answer in July.

Listen and find out!!! Click on the link below to download the MP3:

Business Brilliance: ADHD in Business Survey Results, October 6, 2011


or click below to listen online:


We’re sharing the results because we thought you would be interested in knowing the very same problems you face, are also faced by 1000′s of other ADHD entrepreneurs. While you might not know any of these people in ‘real’ life they do exist! — isn’t that comforting?

Even more comforting and positive is that for every challenge you face, there are answers and solutions to solve them. That is where Marcia and I come in. In this call, we give our expert advice and a special surprise! Bet you can’t guess what it is :)

Check out the call and we will be back on

Monday, October 10, at 12 noon Pacific/3 pm Eastern

for our regular Business Brilliance call.

Wishing you a FABulous weekend, and if you are Canadian, a HAPPY Thanksgiving!

Jacqui and Marcia

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