ADHD and Brain Fog

FogWhoever thought of the term “brain fog” did an excellent job at describing that feeling where you can’t seem to get your ADHD brain into working mode. Marcia describes it as being “mired in mud”. I describe it as having cotton wool in your brain — how do you describe it?

It’s that feeling of  not being able to get your brain to wake up and into gear so you can do what is important for your business. It’s frustrating and can lead you to feel like your brain has a life of its own. However don’t despair! Here are some actions you can take to put you back in control.

If you get brain fog, here’s what to do


1) Run up and down the stairs, take the dog for a very brisk walk, or if you have time, head to the gym. The physical movement gets some of the feel-good chemicals released into your brain, including the all-important dopamine. The quicker you move, the better.

2) Drink a big glass of water. Boring, I know!  But there is a good chance you are dehydrated and the brain doesn’t think clearly when it is. Keep drinking water throughout the day to keep the brain fog at bay.

3) Have a cup of coffee. This isn’t such a healthy option, so I recommend doing the others first . . . but a cup of coffee will help stimulate your brain.

4) Check out Marcia’s suggestions in her article, “How to Get Your Brain’s Attention: Give it Marching Orders.” She has a great strategy to get your brain working for you again!

Slightly longer term:

When you are managing and treating your ADHD, your brain fog will lessen. Here are the top ways to treat your ADHD and brain fog.

5) Speak to your doctor about ADHD meds. Many people who start taking ADHD medication report that they no longer have brain fog.

6) Exercise every day. Exercise helps brain fog clear immediately, and when it’s part of your daily life, it’s preventive.

7) Get a good nights sleep. If you are overtired, the chances of having brain fog increase +++

8) Take omega 3. Omega 3 helps treat ADHD by giving the brain the essential fatty acids it lacks. It does wonders in helping your brain to focus, concentrate, and have clarity of thought. It can take one week to a month to start noticing its effect.

Jacqui Sinfield is an ADHD Coach and author. You can find more from her at

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