Interview with Dr. Stephanie Sarkis: ADD and Your Money: How to Get Control of the Money in Your Business

Yesterday we interviewed Dr. Stephanie Sarkis on the subject of money and how to get control of it in your business.

The call was fabulous and we got notes from many of you saying you felt so much better after hearing what Dr. Sarkis had to say, and thanking us for having her on.

If you missed the call or want to listen to it again, click on the link below to download the MP3:

Working with ADHD: “ADD and Your Money,” December 19, 2011


or click the link below to listen online:


Dr. Sarkis covered many areas, including:

  • The brain chemistry that causes money issues in adults with ADHD
  • How shopping is a high risk activity when you have ADHD
  • What you can do to change your relationship with money
  • How to take emotions away from your interaction with money
  • How to feel good about yourself and your business regardless of your current financial status
  • Why shopping online is good/bad for people with ADHD
  • Actions to take control of your finances . . . starting today

and so much more.

Hope you find the call enlightening!

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Happy Holidays,

Jacqui and Marcia

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