About Marcia and Jacqui

Marcia Hoeck Jacqui SinfieldWe came together when we found we both had an interest in helping business owners with ADHD. Marcia was finding that more and more of her small business coaching clients had ADHD tendencies or were actually diagnosed with ADHD, and needed advice on coping with these challenges at work; and Jacqui noticed that more and more of her adult with ADHD coaching clients were entrepreneurs, asking questions about having ADHD and running businesses.

We met in 2007 when we were in an intense mastermind group together and have stayed in close contact. Our work and coaching philosophies complement each other. “Working with ADHD,” which is run by Marcia, is an offshoot of both of our philosophies. This website is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs with ADHD and ADHD tendencies create brilliant businesses through their strengths, while learning to manage their challenges. Contact Marcia for business coaching and Jacqui for adult ADHD and lifestyle coaching at our websites below.

Marcia Hoeck

For 25 years, as owner of a leading marketing communications firm, Marcia lived what she now teaches. Because of her “quirks,” (only recently diagnosed as ADHD), Marcia found the business end of her business daunting. Read Marcia’s personal ADHD story here.

Through trial and error and study of other organizations, Marcia developed simple systems that enabled her to reduce the amount of time spent managing her business while increasing her revenues, creating a business with great flexibility. She also developed workarounds and strategies for her own challenges with focus, overwhelm, productivity, procrastination, prioritization, time management, and business confidence.

Now a coach and consultant, Marcia shares her secrets, showing how to create a business that works for you—both spiritually and productively—and frees you to do what you started your business for in the first place. She specializes in coaching business owners with ADHD, focusing on helping business owners navigate the challenges of running a business with ADHD.

Marcia lives in San Diego, California with her two doglets, Amazing Grace, an amazing bichon, and Liesl Diesel Weasel Bezo, a miniature dachshund who needs a long name.

“You’re really, really good. The coaching with you has been really indispensable, like a godsend. You understood me right off the bat. I appreciate your ability to think things through with me in a wise, thoughtful way and put words to things—it’s huge how you can give me the language I need. I loved it. You’re really, really good.”

Update (after a recent productive coaching session, Janet asked me to add this to her testimonial):“I think I’l just be coaching with Marcia the rest of my life.”— Janet Jones, Fellow/Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators, Charlotte, NC

“The improvements are life changing. I’m getting out to the job sites more now because my time is more organized. I’m getting more face time with customers and employees now, and I’m seeing an increase in profitability. It feels good—I’m pretty impressed by it. I’m smiling a lot more, I’m a lot happier. When we first started coaching I wasn’t in a good place, and I needed to make changes. Now I see things in a different light, and I have a whole new perspective on things. The improvements are life changing.” — Michael Buck, Couple-O-Bucks General Contractor, San Diego, CA

Find out more about Marcia and her work at MarciaHoeck.com.

Jacqueline Sinfield

Jacqueline helps clients manage their ADHD with a variety of strategies, including lifestyle changes (such as: sleep and diet) and practical skills. “When ADHD symptoms are managed, you can achieve the success you know you are capable of, in all areas of your life, including your business.”

Jacqueline has worked in the healthcare industry for over twenty years. She is a registered nurse and has a degree in psychology, a certificate in counseling and is a Coach U graduate.

Jacqueline is the ADD, ADHD Expert at About.com. Her own blog, UntappedBrilliance.com is an award winning website. It was named one of the “Top ADHD Blog of 2015,” by Heathline and “Best of the Web Blog” by Psych Central.

Her book, Untapped Brilliance: How To Reach Your Full Potential As An Adult With ADHD, was described as, ‘Brilliant’ by Dr. Hallowell, and ‘A little gem’ by Dr. Gabor Mate.

She has helped hundreds of adults with ADHD all around the world, and lives in her all-time favourite city, Montreal, Canada, with the fluffiest cat, Kitty.

“Allows me to focus on tasks and increase my profitability. Being an entrepreneur with ADHD tendencies, I was looking for a way to regain control of my days. Jacqui has developed an incredible system that allows me to focus on tasks and increase my profitability.” — Simon Daykin, Calgary, Alberta

“Projects were moving ahead and more money flowed in. Jacqueline gave me one tip that tripled my productivity. I was amazed by how easy it was and what a huge difference it made. Tasks that were hanging around for months were done. Projects were finally moving ahead and that meant more money flowed in. Thank you!! When I talk about my frustrations, Jacqui listens calmly and then gives me easy, simple steps I can do effortlessly.” — Bonnie Hutchinson,

To find out more, head to Untapped Brilliance.